General Holiday Information


The yachts are fully insured under marine insurance against loss, damage and third party liability. It is expected that you will take all reasonable care, however in line with industry practice we do require a security deposit. For a full explanation of your responsibilities please refer to the booking terms. It is important that your previous sailing experience is correctly stated on the booking form for full indemnity of risk.

It is a condition of booking that you obtain adequate travel insurance which covers you for this sort of holiday and your own personal circumstances.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required against the possibility of damage to the yacht or late return of the yacht. There is a penalty charge for late return of the yacht. On completion of your holiday the security deposit will be returned to you, less any necessary deductions, following an inspection of the boat.

The Security Deposit amount is shown on your Invoice. It is payable by cash or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) in resort before embarkation. A 4% credit card surcharge will be applied to the cost of any damages or penalty charges paid by credit card.

Transit Log

It is a mandatory requirement of the Turkish authorities that a Transit Log be purchased. This costs EUR 120 and must be paid to Aura Yachting in cash upon embarkation.

Child Safety Equipment

Please advise on the booking form if child safety equipment is required. Subject to availability, life jackets and harnesses will be provided free of charge. We will also fit safety netting if required, for which a fee is charged.

Passports and Visas

Foreign citizens require a valid passport. Electronic visa (e-Visa) replaces “sticker visa” which was issued at  border crossings.  Applicants just need to log on to , provide the requested information, (after the application is approved) make online payment and download their e-Visa.

Please visit the website of Ministry for Foreign Affairs for more detailed information for your own country.  Up to date information should be obtained from the relevant authorities/embassy before departure.


The local currency is Turkish Lira (TL). Credit cards are accepted in most major towns and cash points/ATM are also available. For sailing into more remote areas, cash will be required. All restaurants accept foreign currency however change will be given in TL. Change offices, jewellery shops and restaurants will change foreign currency for you.


At present there are no compulsory vaccination requirements for Turkey, although there are a number of recommendations. For further information please consult your doctor well in advance of travelling.

Sailing to Greece

All our yachts hold Turkish water charter licences. Sailing to the nearby Greek Islands on some of the yachts is possible however we are unable to offer any technical support in Greek waters or islands. Here is an outline of the procedure for checking the yacht and crew in and out of Turkey:

Night Sailing is Forbidden

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions sailing is limited to daylight hours only. Night sailing is forbidden.


As on all yachts, space is limited. We recommend you bring a soft holdall type bag that can be stowed away easily.